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Originally Posted by cb2591 View Post
Example... August AG, pages 27 & 28. " the gun of the moment for HFT". Page 80, Article on HFT. Pictures 1 and 2? These are FT rigs. The guy in pic 3 would shoot the ground if he tried to adopt the same stance. Tends to give the wrong impression for what is a simulation of plain old food on the table hunting gear. Im not knocking it, i shoot springers , dont like pcps.
If they were FT rigs they would have a sod off great scope on top and a pink feather hanging off the end What is the gun anyway, Steyr/Walther I would hazard a guess, I know of at least one Walther shooter that uses his to knock down feral's I don't bother with the comics unless I'm in WH Smiths while the Mrs looks at shoes, who wants to read another "This gun/scope is great" review? when I/we know that in actual fact they are crap
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