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Originally Posted by cb2591 View Post
Tends to give the wrong impression for what is a simulation of plain old food on the table hunting gear.
Sorry mate but that's mostly a cliché trotted out by those who don't shoot HFT.

HFT is not a hunting simulation. If it was we'd have to have motorised pigeon targets that bob their heads at the most inopportune moments.

We'd have to put a decibel meter by the peg to penalise people by having the target disappear when they stomped around without worrying how light their tread was.

We'd have to have one of those electronic sniffers to detect human scent and it'd be a bugger to lay the course out safely to allow a downwind approach

Finally we'd have to give extra points for not taking a shot if it might result in a plate.

Oh and all the kill zones would have to be, at maximum, 25mm.

HFT is a target discipline that shares many similarities with FT and some notable differences. The idea is that you can respectably shoot an HFT course with the same kit with which you could hunt. You don't have to of course.

So 'FT' guns in HFT is really nothing more than a matter of choice.

If people want to spend their hard earned (and it is their hard earned) on Dommies or Steyrs or Pro Targets even, then it's their choice and good on them for shooting the kit they love.

You see, I'd have my *** handed to me on a plate shooting against Ryan whether he shot an S200 or his Dommie.

To be honest, I just can't understand why people can't just shoot what they love and leave others the hell alone to enjoy what they shoot.
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