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Originally Posted by cb2591 View Post
Example... August AG, pages 27 & 28. " the gun of the moment for HFT". Page 80, Article on HFT. Pictures 1 and 2? These are FT rigs. The guy in pic 3 would shoot the ground if he tried to adopt the same stance. Tends to give the wrong impression for what is a simulation of plain old food on the table hunting gear. Im not knocking it, i shoot springers , dont like pcps.
How is it a MK Platinum an FT rig and why would Laity shoot the ground? Unless you've seen him shoot of course! Personally I tend to get lower if possible. Page 80 is an article on standing and shows some of the best FT shooters, shooting standing what does it matter the gear they're using to illustrate it, I've never seen big Chris with a springer and will have words at MAD about the pic of him with a devil rifle!

Can I ask where the simulation thing has come from?

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