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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
To be honest Bozzer I haven't a clue what point you are making & to be honest I can't really be arsed stating again how a grading system would work. You seem to be suggesting that under a grading system the springer shooters won't stand a chance ? How do you think the vast majority of PCP shooters feel who rarely stand a chance, personally I'd like to see a system that suits the majority.

I'm not actually in favour of adopting a grading system for UKAHFT purely due to the amount of extra work & hassle for Pete, Lou & myself but I can see that if it was adopted it would create a fairer system that would encourage more shooters, it would make a perfect accompanyment to the badge system.
Well at least you're being honest.

I know exactly how a grading system would work. It's a way of giving people with less ability a chance to win something ... there's a raffle for that. People already get badges for getting within so many points of the top score. If you fancy making more work so that someone who finishes 40th can get a gonk ... then off you go.

I'm not suggesting that springers won't stand a chance ... I'm saying that shooting springers is 'different' to shooting pcp's and it's sort of nice that the people that choose to shoot them are in a different class and get to have their scores tabulated as such so that one can see how one is performing against people shooting the same type of guns as themselves. My other point is that the grading system may drive some of the springer shooters to shoot pcp in search of a couple more points, which I think is a shame.

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