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Originally Posted by skires View Post

I think you will see differences ...

In the open class there will always be a good number of the best shooters so someone will always put in a very high score ... 58/59/60. You in RD 1 then Ross then Chris. So the top score will always be high. Even if you have a bad day one of the other top guys will do well so will keep that high score very high.

There are far less springers and far less 'top springer' shooters ... so if the top dog that day ( say Sean ) has a bad day then there is less likely hood that some other springer shooter will get a 54. See what I mean ? There will always be 10 top open pcp shooters so someone is going to get a 58/59/60. There may only be 2 top springer shooters at a course so there is far less chance of one of those getting a 54.

Also, I think it's undoubted that the 'best' shooters are in the open class. So on a difficult course. like it appeared RD1 was, the better open shooters will adapt and squeeze out more kills. I think you got 58 at LV but the top springer was just 50 ... see what I mean?

To be honest Bozzer I haven't a clue what point you are making & to be honest I can't really be arsed stating again how a grading system would work. You seem to be suggesting that under a grading system the springer shooters won't stand a chance ? How do you think the vast majority of PCP shooters feel who rarely stand a chance, personally I'd like to see a system that suits the majority.

I'm not actually in favour of adopting a grading system for UKAHFT purely due to the amount of extra work & hassle for Pete, Lou & myself but I can see that if it was adopted it would create a fairer system that would encourage more shooters, it would make a perfect accompanyment to the badge system.

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