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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Hi Ryan

Fair enough fella. I see lads shooting springers at local clubs and they are miles better shooters than me. I haven't seen the SHS scores ... where will I find those? I looked at last year's UKAHFT scores and saw that Clive won most of the rounds. I can't get access to them at the mo so can't check what his average score was.

You will always get one offs mate ... and Clive is obviously a superb shot with a springer. I'll still stand by the fact that 'on average' a guy who shoots both will get a few more points with a pcp.

I disagree to be honest Boz, if I shot a boinger as much as I shoot my PCP then my scores would be about the same. I don't enjoy shooting springers so don't own one anymore. It comes down to practice and time, if anyone put in as much time shooting as Pete, Pete and Chris then their scores wuold be the same, it just takes those hard hours practicing when you've better things to do. Put in a good 10-12 hours+ a week over a year and I'll put a months salary on the fact that you will score the same with your twanger as Sparky does with his Walther.

The reason the top boys are where they are is because as well as being gifted they put the effort in to take it serious. As much as HFT is enjoyable they're there to compete and do well, no messing about "doing it for the love" but doing it to knock stuff down.

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