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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
With respect Boz it's because the best springer shooters in the country aren't shooting at the minute, I've seen Clive Turner clear courses with his springer and Harv shoot so many 58/59's it's untrue. If Harv was still shooting nationals he'd be using his twanger in the open. If it were graded he'd be shooting his twanger against Sparky's Dommie, there's never a lot between the two score wise. Have a look at Clive's scores in the SHS for 2007/2008.

Very true, and let's not forget the "old skool" too, the scary Jon Budd, who is not competing at the moment, and the very well-known Mike Isaac, who seems to be concentrating on PCP for now.

Throw that lot in the mix and you would see top springer shooters competing against the top PCPers (like Steph) within the same grade.

This could make for some exciting stuff, although I haven't made up my mind about the grades yet. I can see points for and against at the moment.
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