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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
No sorry, the springer shooter will know that they are competing against shoots who on average score the same as them, if they were using his PCP they may be in a totally different grade.

We see a massive variation in scores in the recoiling class, for example the scores varied as a % of the highest scores at the first 3 rounds :

Round 1 - 58% to 88%
Round 2 - 47% to 92%
Round 3 - 60% to 86%

The shooters getting the bottom end of Springer class may never actually stand a chance of beating the top springer shooters whereas in a grade if they shoot well on the day they have a good chance of beating similar ability shooters.


I think you will see differences ...

In the open class there will always be a good number of the best shooters so someone will always put in a very high score ... 58/59/60. You in RD 1 then Ross then Chris. So the top score will always be high. Even if you have a bad day one of the other top guys will do well so will keep that high score very high.

There are far less springers and far less 'top springer' shooters ... so if the top dog that day ( say Sean ) has a bad day then there is less likely hood that some other springer shooter will get a 54. See what I mean ? There will always be 10 top open pcp shooters so someone is going to get a 58/59/60. There may only be 2 top springer shooters at a course so there is far less chance of one of those getting a 54.

Also, I think it's undoubted that the 'best' shooters are in the open class. So on a difficult course. like it appeared RD1 was, the better open shooters will adapt and squeeze out more kills. I think you got 58 at LV but the top springer was just 50 ... see what I mean?

Your last point however is excellent ... about the lower end springer shooters. I've been concentrating on the best springer shooters without thinking of the people who turn up and finish in the bottom half of the springers, so I definitely concede that point to you. As I say ... I've thoroughly enjoyed the shoots I've been to and appreciate all the work that goes in so I'll be happy whatever decision you guys make.

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