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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I've always said that they are not the impossible things to shoot that a lot of people make out Pete. When there are posts on the BBS about not teaching a youngster to shoot with a springer because they will never hit anything I always argue that that's rubbish.

You can shoot Pete ... you will adapt ... so you will shoot well with whatever you put your hand to. They aren't impossible to shoot ... but on a course as you know ... a couple of targets ( couple of points ) can make the difference for many shooters. So a score of 54 may not seem much more than 52 ... but the 54 guy has probably edged it with a couple of really hard targets.

The truth is though Pete ... that 'on average' most shooters will get better average scores with a pcp.

Let me put it this way then I have to go cut grass.

The top open shooters don't get the scores they get through chance. Yourself and many others keep getting those 58/59/60 scores because you tick these boxes ...

Natural raw ability ... committment to buy the best kit ... committment to put the hours and hours of practice in to learn aim points and be consistent and judge wind etc.

Now then ... the top springer shooters ( and I certainly aint counting myself in with these guys ) ...

They will buy the top of range springer ( probably TX200 or HW77/97 ). They will then pay for it to be tuned or put in a tuning kit. They will then have to put in many many hours of practice to find the aim points and to get that grip on the fore end, butt and pistol grip exactly right every time.

When they have done all this ... if they shoot out of their skin on a typical decent HFT course they will score in the low 50's ( I think 55 is the springer's 60 ). Just look at the top scores from last year's HFT springers. 54 is the top score so far after three rounds this year.

Now with all the love and respect in the world ... there will be loads of shooters who buy an off the shelf S400 ... strap on a MTC viper and with a few hours of practice will score low 50's on a HFT course.

As I said ... with respect ... because I know that there are dedicated shooters who work their butts off to get those scores with a pcp. They may not just have that raw ability.

I personally don't think it's fair that a dedicated springer shooter should be lost amongst the many 'lower grade' pcp shooters.

Whatever you decide though fella ... I'm just loving turning up and seeing old and new faces and shooting me gun.

With respect Boz it's because the best springer shooters in the country aren't shooting at the minute, I've seen Clive Turner clear courses with his springer and Harv shoot so many 58/59's it's untrue. If Harv was still shooting nationals he'd be using his twanger in the open. If it were graded he'd be shooting his twanger against Sparky's Dommie, there's never a lot between the two score wise. Have a look at Clive's scores in the SHS for 2007/2008.

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