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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I know Pete ... but the same thing would apply.

A springer shooter's average would be higher with a pcp. So again, they would be competing in a grade that had pcp shooters of that same 'average' as them shooting a springer. So at the end of the season ( or shoot by shoot ) the springer shooter would know that if he was shooting his pcp he would have finished higher ( maybe won ) in that grade ... so they would probably choose the next year to just use their pcp ... springer shooting disappears bar the odd stallwart and shooter who only owns a springer. The competition between the best/keenest springer shooters disappears .. which would be sad in my opinion.

No sorry, the springer shooter will know that they are competing against shoots who on average score the same as them, if they were using his PCP they may be in a totally different grade.

We see a massive variation in scores in the recoiling class, for example the scores varied as a % of the highest scores at the first 3 rounds :

Round 1 - 58% to 88%
Round 2 - 47% to 92%
Round 3 - 60% to 86%

The shooters getting the bottom end of Springer class may never actually stand a chance of beating the top springer shooters whereas in a grade if they shoot well on the day they have a good chance of beating similar ability shooters.
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