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The change of venue for the Tondu "Wafta" shoot found favor with the 36 shooters that attended Sundays shoot.
Reading the wind in the all wood course was tricky, with the wind up the scores were pushed down, but at least the rain held off.

Dave Gage was one of the first through with partner John "Granddad" Parry. While "Granddad" struggled Tondu "Granddad Gage" put in not only the early pace setting score of 33 ex 40, but as it turned out the top score on the day! Peter "Ringer" Jacob put in a 31 to take second place, if only he could shot this good when shooting "C" class at the BFTA shoots!
As European champion Big Mike Williams is a Tondu member and he had done a great job preparing the shoot, he was awarded 3rd place after tieing with Mark "Berty" Bassett and Doz!
Other points of note from A class: Jack Harris was soundly beaten by Dad Jason today, Landy was using the ld "I only put the scope on yesterday" excuse, Jason Davies has baught a duff Walther and Carl Hill is over it.

A class (ex 40)

Dave Gage 33
Peter Jacob 31
Mike Williams 30
Doz 30
Berty Bassett 30
Steve Turner 27
Jack Harris 26
Chris Land 24
Mike Long 24
Jason Davies 24
John Mortlock 23
Carl Hill 21
Gwyn Robinson 20

B class

Due to current Wafta Grading rules ex European champion Mark Sheppard is unable to elect to shoot in a higher grade. As such, his 31 was enough to take B class though only just. Derk Bendon had an good day on the disciplines that pushed his score up to runner up position. Jason Harris continued his recent good form by taking 3rd spot, just 1 target between each of the top three.

There is no such thing!

Target 13 was the shortest "Gimmie" being a full kill at 20+ ish yards. 4 missed it, all B class shooters!

Mark Sheppard 31
Derek bendon 30
Jason Harris 29
Craig Morgan 26
Vince Bowen 23
Mark Thomas 23
John Parry 20
Russel Summers 18
Steve Kociombas 18
Gethin Long 16
Rhys Bowen 16
John Kociombas 15
John Lashbrook 7
Lez Davies 6

C class

Keith Chubb was the only ungraded C class shooter shooting and being first through with Big Mike meant he could see the misses. 24 was good score on the day and two clear of the next C class shooter, Daeton Havey who in turn as two clear of young Ieuan Potts. Potts was doing his first shoot and it sure was a tough one to start on. Despite this, an excellent score of 20 put him into 3rd place and the prize money. Another good start to a ft career was achieved by Natalie Land. Shooting with dad Chris the young lady took a respectable 15 targets down in her first Wafta shoot. Also competing in his first wafta shoot was Darren Davies. Minus the hair band however Davies hit one less than Miss Landy.

Steve Chubb 24
Deaton harvey 22
Ieaun Potts 20
Colin Somerset 19
Tom Gould 16
Natalie Land 15
Darren Davies 14
Ian Davies 9
David Price 9

Next Wafta shoot is at Nelson on July 18th.

Some pics from the day

Before the off

First pair through

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