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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
PB's have nothing to do with grades, it is purely your average percentage of the top score at each shoot, therefore a springer shooter would be competing in the same grade against PCP shooters who have a similar average.
I know Pete ... but the same thing would apply.

A springer shooter's average would be higher with a pcp. So again, they would be competing in a grade that had pcp shooters of that same 'average' as them shooting a springer. So at the end of the season ( or shoot by shoot ) the springer shooter would know that if he was shooting his pcp he would have finished higher ( maybe won ) in that grade ... so they would probably choose the next year to just use their pcp ... springer shooting disappears bar the odd stallwart and shooter who only owns a springer. The competition between the best/keenest springer shooters disappears .. which would be sad in my opinion.

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