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Lest we forget the original gripe came from Dave posting a jokey comment about some guns being a bit less than easy on the eye (I mean they were Theoben's so they were born ugly! ) .

Maybe Dave was a bit blunt but then again, anybody who's met Dave will know that's one of his good points

The response was a little on the defensive side and this whole nonsense started from there.

Have to say neither side is doing themselves any favours here on in. I've not met Jason but I'm sure he's a thoroughly decent bloke. I have met Dave and the fact that he hasn't dumped me on my *** is a testament to his restraint and forbearance! Like most HFT shooters he's sound as anything you care to mention

Perhaps it might be an idea for everybody to just chill out a bit and forget the whole thing happened eh?

This isn't the BBS after all.
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