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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Ah Humour......warn us next time you decide to try using it

You don't like people having a dig at you do you, maybe if you showed other people the same courtesy you wouldn't get as much stick.

I think you misunderstand some of us, it's nothing to do with you being a collector it's to do with your attitude towards other members of the forum & that fact that you are a COCK.

Dave didn't ask anyone to stick up for him but I tend to stick up for my mates......maybe if you actually went outside & shot you could make a few mates to stick up for you......then again I doubt it

When you dissect a thread to this point ...and use profanity ...It proves me right !

Have really got your pressure going heh ? Its bad for your standing shots mate !

You are such a gracious chap, I could hug you !
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