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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post
Jason, Dave does not need anyone to gang up for him he's big enough and knowledgable enough to look after himself. You seem to find the fact that he has a Rottweiller somehow reflects on his character, you could not be further from the truth and it is possibly this stuck up attitude with regards to members of this forum and the fact that 99.9% actually enjoy shooting our guns as opposed to wasting them by hanging them on the wall that is ******* a vast majority off. They are tools to be used not ornaments, try shooting yours you never know you might enjoy it or you could go down the post office as I hear they have some nice stamps in stock.

This site is called ShootingtheBreeze because it was set up by a shooter for shooters, may I suggest a more suitable location for you would be the
"Horlicks & Slippers Section" on AirgunBBs do try not to wake them up won't you.

How many times does one need to justify airgun collecting ? (heck have stated this so many times!) I dont bother posting anything within HFT or FT , as you well know I'm no competitor in your eyes, BECAUSE of the JOB ! I cant & wont do weekends. I still enjoy shooting/plinking targets in the back garden. Do I really need to show up in flesh, get a score , and then either get a pat on the back or a wry smirk ? (ie: to vindicate that insecure feeling to justify those negative thoughts from some of you ?) ; Its borderline having to prove to others "You're one of us" ...thats an idiotic schoolboy 1st XV Rugby herd mentality. We have all experienced it...and some of you are happy as 'adults' to continue in this fine tradition...

I also said...It takes all kinds of people to enjoy airguns...and whatever rocks their boat. If a minority of hard core dedicated FT shooters wag a "no no" finger to an airgun collector...thats their opinion. I have time constraints...for crying out loud, this might sound exotic but am flying to Hong Kong for business , then back to Switzerland, then back to UK this coming week; I'll post a digi pic if you want proof. Must admit, I am KEEN as HELL to do an FT the mean time, my hard earned do$h is spent buying my dream guns...anyone got a problem with that ? so, I collect these airguns, yes, like stamps for the time being, and that ****** you off ????. And what ? I need to do an FT shoot and score before I get admitted to the fraternity ???? but like 99.99% of you, YES, I still shoot the guns AND derive as much pleasure...but not in a FT environment. An YES, have done firearms comps. in the past, so am I partially accepted ?

A bit of humour here & there to diffuse the situation is warranted. Didnt you guys figure that out ? My life is not about STB, nor simply collecting these beauties. Its a hobby, that we all have something in common, even if Im a collector.

Snapping off the head of a newbie from the US, by another newbie is what spurred banter on another thread & the response by D Hat who made a PM, public; people jumping in the middle of a thread without knowing the origins are **** takers. Its easier to follow a heard mentality and rain napalm on someone you hardly know; not my style, but certainly its evident there are a few trigger happy members who do so here.

Your highlighted point is not warranted- am ******* people off 'cause I hang the guns on the wall' ? Have a think about that...there are people collecting cars, watches, and whatever rocks their boat....and are still part of an 'interest group' . Should they be chastised by other members because of blah blah blah blah ???,- in my book, Its really nobody's business to dictate your own interest and use of that kit ... I cant fathom this attitude...and until the founders of this forum change the membership requirements, I shall continue posting whatever I see fit and of interest for others.

Good day to you all...and peace on Earth
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