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Originally Posted by skires View Post

I know very little about FT. I do know that they have grades ... A,B,C. Do the springer shooters in FT just shoot in the grade that their average determines ... or do they have springer class in FT?

Ha, can of worms that is.

In the national series (where you get your grade), there is no grade for springer, but you compete in a seperate class. So, your scores can and do drop (even though your still picking up trophies), and the lower scores take your grade down with you, and because it's only assessed (in CSFTA) on your BFTA Grades (which are only done at the start and end of the summer series), you can buck the grade by shooting PCP on a grade awarded to you when you shot a springer.

But then the honorable thing to do is to elect to be in your correct (but elevated) grade... but then it can be harder than people think to be objective about that decision... a lot of people would be prefer to be just told.

I'd like to elect not to have my scores counted now and then, so i could turn up and shoot what i liked without it bringing my scores down.

I understand what your saying about springer vs pcp... if your 3-4 short of a trophy, then the temptation will be to drop that in favour of a pcp that will see you get one. That said, I think a few springer shooters just do it to prove to pcp shooter that they can be beaten with one
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