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Jason, Dave does not need anyone to gang up for him he's big enough and knowledgable enough to look after himself. You seem to find the fact that he has a Rottweiller somehow reflects on his character, you could not be further from the truth and it is possibly this stuck up attitude with regards to members of this forum and the fact that 99.9% actually enjoy shooting our guns as opposed to wasting them by hanging them on the wall that is ******* a vast majority off. They are tools to be used not ornaments, try shooting yours you never know you might enjoy it or you could go down the post office as I hear they have some nice stamps in stock.

This site is called ShootingtheBreeze because it was set up by a shooter for shooters, may I suggest a more suitable location for you would be the
"Horlicks & Slippers Section" on AirgunBBs do try not to wake them up won't you.
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