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Originally Posted by JasonGoldsmith66 View Post
I stand by what I said.....YES ! Thats Me guys !!!

Methinks "D Hat" comment is sourgrapes due to poor scores ...and possibly lack of action down there ! ... I mean, common, "Walking with the Rottweiler" description as an activity Is that a subtle hint or what ? isnt there a law against that kind of activity
You are right, Dave's description of walking with a Rottweiler is a poor desription, he should change it to "Being dragged by a massive Rottweiler" so it's definitely an activity.

Even if Dave was a bad shot, which he is far from, I can't see why he should have sour grapes against someone who doesn't actually shoot.

As to getting no action down've obviously spent too much time stroking your rifles rather than shooting them to think up things like that
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