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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
I think we'd best leave off classifying people as first class or second class don't you, it could get decidedly sticky

Not a chance Bozzer, a shooter who gets a grade with a springer wouldn't then be allowed to shoot a PCP in the same grade
if they suddenly wished to shoot a PCP they would need to be moved into a grade comparable to their average percentage with a PCP

Fair enough Pete ... sorry, not my best choice of words ... but it's just different words that mean ... Grading.

When I say that people will start using pcp instead of a springer I mean probably over time ( the next season ). I don't mean they will enter as springer and then use their pcp so they will win that grade.

Let me put it another way. I asked a question on the BBS a while ago asking if people shot both pcp and springer, in various comps or club shoots, and if so, what differences did they see in scores. The conclusion was that people generally scored 3 or 4 points more with their pcp's than with a springer.

My own scores testify to that. My PB with a springer is 53/60. My PB with a pcp is 57/60. So if a springer shooter's average puts him in a certain grade with dozens of pcp shooters, he may well be finishing 2 points behind the winners of that grade. The springer shooter will know that if he was to compete with his pcp he would get a few more points and may win that grade. So, as I said in my other post, this system could drive serious springer shooting at HFT into extinction.

I understand that if someone wins a grade they may well be promoted to a higher grade the next season. How would you grade a springer shooter that has just decided to swap over to using his pcp if they've not shot pcp before? Would they go in the bottom grade?

I know very little about FT. I do know that they have grades ... A,B,C. Do the springer shooters in FT just shoot in the grade that their average determines ... or do they have springer class in FT?


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