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Default Shooting god

Can you name this shooting god
haha ! You're right...dont have a clue & have no experience in Ft shoots...dont want to embarras you with a public reply-

Am clueless...

Let me recall If Im add my 2 cents on this forum (didnt realise a pre-requisite is FT regular attendance..I'll check the Forum Rules )

.22 Rimfire - plenty - part of school team in CCF for 5 years - average scores 92+ /100 for 50m.
.303 Lee Enfield- Bisley shooting team & comps for 5 years
9mm - Sterling - Won a shoot off for 10m , single shot in 1 pence bull's eye
5.56mm FAMAS - Won the inter Regimental team shoot for 200m- 30/30 (can strip the gun blind folded in 47 secs. and re-assemble under 60)
7.62mm - plenty of experience, sadly, no 'çompetition' experience..
.50 - plenty of experience, but no 'competition' experience..

...Mmm what else ? oh yes, been handling Berettas, Glocks, .357 , .44, H&K, whenever I visit the grand parents in California, and shoot at the range.

Comp experience ? - Whats that ???

For someone with 18 posts who hasnt contributed in terms of sources of info., or interesting banter, who borderline slaps the face of a newbie with a crass comment is certainly a bit of an eye his words...bad taste...and hardly funny...considering he is a newbie himself with 18 comments .... I the only one who noticed that ? Didnt you ?

As far as 'johnnyi' mod...well its horses for courses...but he has invested $$$ to do something interesting...

Have a nice weekend, and dont let my comments raise your bloodpressure over the weekend shoot ..I wouldnt want you to miss your targets -
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