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I have found that the more complex a circuit the more permutations are introduced into the process of failure.
E.g. a power supply, a switch and a bulb is probably thee most simplest electrical
circuit (where an input has an output), introduce another switch and
you have doubled the chances of circuit failure, introduce other components
and you will further add to possibilities of failure.

If you suspect a drop in supply current/voltage being an issue then it will possibly be down to a capacitor somewhere in the circuit.
The biggest problem with the reliability of any electronic circuit, is the quality of the components used, take for instance a simple capacitor if you want one that will stay within .01% of its actual value then you pay 10x the cost of something that has a tolerance of 1% of its value which will be just as dear again compared to one with a tolerance of 5% and so on. I suggest DayState should be looking at the weakest link in their electronic circuit chain.
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