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I have tried the swapped battery, Its worse. I changed the battery back, and shot both my Std Mk4 is and my AA s200. both far better groupings. in fact the S 200 the best of all of them a real confidence builder.
Gutted is close to the way I have felt. I know I am not the best shot. but I can put in ok scores. I and had to prove to myself that is wasn't me.

I dont want knock the gun just because its electronic. have had my Mk4 is over 1 yr and yes its had a couple of issues, but they were fixed quickly and its great now. The way to resolve this properly is to return it to Daystate so that they can check it over, I will do that next week. I do have faith in the Daystate warranty they are nice people and fix things when they are not right. there is no point in posting the it shouldn't happen type comments.
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