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Gary, with the money you've got to spend, I'd say you're not particularly constrained by budget.

So given that, it really is hard to give useful advice. Most people will have only shot say two or three rifles on your potential list. The people probably most qualified to give advice, Pete and Ryan (who will have tried most of the rifles out there) are reluctant to push you in one direction or other and that's wise advice.

You say you don't get on with the HW100. Many people will rave over the HW and say what a brilliant rifle it is. Not for you though. So you see the problem. Fit is a really important factor.

Steyr make brilliant rifles and their UKAHFT team are doing well. The EV2 is very popular in FT too. Thing is, you might find that either one of the rifles just doesn't quite fit with you.

If you can arrange to visit MAD in Essex, then I'm pretty sure you'll have the opportunity to try out a few of the rifles you're interested in and more. It really is only after having shot a rifle yourself that you'll know what suits.
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