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I've voted no ...

Probably biased because I'm shooting springer and I wouldn't like to see the springer guys get lost in a sea of precharged.

Shooting springers is a different world to shooting precharged ... especially on some of the rested shots ... not so easy when the gun reacts to anything it's resting on.

I think 0.22 has a problem with just 2 people in that class at Rivi ... but springer had 10 on both days. There will probably be double that over the season. Out of those 20 ish shooters there may probably only be half a dozen who will realistically win the springer seasonal championship ... but let's be honest ... we could all probably name the open class winner from about 10 top shooters ... and that's out of a couple of hundred shooters.

I think it would be unfair to ask the springers to shoot in a grade with the second class pcp shooters. I think you would see most of the springer shooters use their pcps to get their best possible scores in that grade ... effectively driving the springer shooting to extinction ... very sad.

On grades in general ... a lot of sports there is a subsidiarry cup ... a cup for those teams knocked out in the first round ... who on earth wants to win that? Congratulations ... you are the best of the losers !

Same with grading ... Congrats ... you've won a gonk for being ... er ... well not very good at all really !


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