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Well hello there.
FT is shot 8 - 55 yards in normal FT you are allowed to use the focus on the scope to range find the target. This works better at higher magnification, therefore the huge scopes. The range is then dialed in on the turret or you use the reticle to aim off.
All alterations to the scope/butt hook etc adjustments are allowed
Most of the course is shot from the FT sitting position/You can shoot prone if you prefer. Except positionals, unsupported standers and kneeling position.
Kill sizes are 40mm and 20mm
Standers and kneelers can be placed to 45 yards
Targets are placed in pairs, each pair is a lane. Each lane is to be shot within a 2 minute time limit

There is also SFT which is a bit of a crossover between FT and HFT shot with a maximum of x12 mag. Same ruleset as FT but no alterations to the scope allowed once you sit down to shoot the first target of each lane.

Full rules can be found at the BFTA website, as well as set up guides for equipment.

HFT to UKAHFT Rules is shot 8-45 yards
No adjustments to the scope or gun are allowed. So most use 8-10 magnification with a focus set to see targets from 8-45 yards.
Sitting is not allowed, most targets are shot prone, off a peg, or at least you must be touching the peg
There are positionals, un supported stander, supported standers where you may use a tree or such to steady your aim, and kneeling shots.
Courses are 30 shots with only 1 target per lane. Each lane to be shot within 2 minutes.
Basically in HFT you must learn to range find by eye and learn your trajectory to aim off for distance.
Full rules found on the UKAHFT website.
In both sports you will find much enthusiasm for beginners and plenty of people to show you the ropes and sort out your kit etc.
Have fun
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