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Default Daystate Mk4 Platinum , battery theory

The battery on the mk4 platinum in my opinion is not big enough, in mah. It can give poor results groupings etc after 1000 pellets sometimes less, so If you use your Platinum alot, like I do, practice alot. you will need to charge it every week to 10 days to make sure. imho.

I have spent alot of time and effort trying to get to the bottom of why this rifle is sometimes on form, and sometimes shotguns pellets, POI changes, cylinder pressure sensitive , fps sometime 8fps diff then 20 fps diff etc. It has to be down to the drain on the battery. as alot of this should be compensated for by the electronics.

If someone else could add their opinion on this, I would be very greatful. May I ask was this gun designed to be used as an everyday HFT gun, or as a testbed/ collectable......

When its fully charged with the right pressure in the cylinder and right pellet, its great. but I think to be used to its potential it needs a stronger battery.
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