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Do you weigh your pellets?

Do you wash them first?

What weight range would you use on a 8.44 grain pellet?
I weigh much the same as Gary except my batches are 8.3-4, 8.4-55 and 8.55-7. I tend to use the 8.3-4 and 8.55-7 for practice, leading up, etc and the 8.4-55 for comps. i originally started going from 8.4-55 because i found that i gained an extra 10-20% extra pellets in this weight range range when I had a particular batch and that the extra 0.05 of a grain made next to no difference when shooting, i.e. consistency and accuracy

Does it make a difference?

I personally think it does. Over the chrono the weighed batches vary approx 5fps over a string of shots where straight out of the tin would vary 20+fps. Also weighed pellets through my Steyr over 35yds virtually single hole as opposed to clover leafing. I feel its one less variable to worry about, if everything is perfect its one less thing to blame, if i shoot badly its me end of
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