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Thumbs up grading

Being brand new to the sport of HFT shooting {1st season} i was surprised that this system was not already in place as in FT shooting. I feel that i am having to sprint before i can walk trying to compete against lads like Pete Sparkes, Pete Dutton, Kieran Turner etc from the off does seem a lot of a tall order, it wont put me off as i come from a match fishing background and am very competitive but i could see other new starters chucking the towel in, being expected to take on the elite in the sport straight away. Its a piece of cake to sort the As from the Bs and it would make for a fairer competition. Those that want to put the time in can work hard to go up and the casual shooters can still compete against a similar standard. Cant see how having this system is bad for anyone overall But what do i know i live on a pit top
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