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I haven't Ryan, i normally get the urge to use the MK 4 but end up using the MPR for big comps, she normally does the bizzo but just recently i'm feeling a little let down by her, i can't explain it, i think i'll try using the MK4 on a few of the SiHFT's & see how it does, if it does me right then the MPR will get shelved, i may use it as an FT rig.. I'mnow wondering if it's the stock actually

Don't think it's PA error as i use the same scopes on the same settings & with an enhancer..

I know what you mean Cliff, maybe some rifles just suit people better than others..

Or maybe i just had a bad weekend, i know Sat i was tired, wet & pi55ed off, Sun i was shooting a mildot to the left..Like i say i have stripped it & cleaned it, re-fitted the scope etc. maybe it was just me....
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