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Originally Posted by Flannelmeister View Post
I appreciate all the hard Work Anston members went to to host the GP. That said, I didn't particularly enjoy myself today.

Ok, so I was shooting like an utter muppet, one of those days when it was like I had never picked up a gun before, but:

There was not a single reducer on the course, all the degree of difficulty was achieved purely by distance.

Through the more open section it seemed like every target, lane after lane, was 50 yards,(give or take a yard or two) and success or failure all came down to the wind - which there was plenty of.

I do enjoy shooting a more varied course.

There were some good lanes - the standers at the far end with the steep downhill shot off the platform stood out and the high shot followed by the target through the narrow V formed by a branching tree trunk for example but overall it seemed to be many lanes where it was 50 to 55 yards (and some where both targets were around maximum).

This is only a personal opinion and as I say I was shooting awfully which naturally has coloured my judgement but overall I have to say a big thanks for the work that went in but the finished article will not be one of my favourite GPs of this year.
Different regions have different formats that are all within the BFTA rules, in NEFTA we don't tend to use reducers on an FT course.

That's the idea of going to different clubs & get plenty of variety to test you outside your normal comfort zone.
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