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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Hi Mike,
Not a wise thing really not to chrono the rifle, you may have been over!

Anyway, mozzies dont drop as much in my guns as Jsb, but then I am shootingg them ar 805 -810 fps so the + 30fps makes a difference over Jsb. Suggest you try setting up at the right fps for each pellet via chrono.

Falcons are great out to 45 yards but utter pants after that in aany amount of wind. I shot them at 840 fps. As such, there is very little drop and to me they would be my Hft choice / set up, but not good enough for ft due to wind factor.
I forget there's no wind in HFT. If they are badly affected by wind, use them for a paper weight or give them to someone you don't like, no point trying to hit a 15mm kill zone with them. Same thing happened with Defiants, they worked great indoors but get them outside and they weren't predictable at all.
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