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Default Falcon Accuracy pellets

Have any of you guys tried the Falcon accuracy in .177? (JSB RSn in another tin)

I recieved a few tins this week and took my HW100s and a HW98K down the range to do a few quick tests!

I bought them to see if the light weight (7.33grains) would be beneficial in the springer

a quick chrono with the 98 before leaving saw 775 with 8.4grain JSB
802 with 7.9grain Mossies
826 with the Falcons

I decided to take the HW100 with me at the last minute but didnt chrono it so have no idea what they were doing in that!

well in a 55yd grouping test two things stood out, my staple JSB exacts were beaten hands down by both the Mossies and the Falcons for group size through the HW100

and the Mossies drop exactly the same amount as the Exacts, which suprised me being lighter?

I had the fortune to get a totally still period of over an hour where there was no wind at all and during this period the Falcons recorded a tiny group 9mm accross with six of the ten shots actually going through the same hole leaving a .22 sized hole in the card with mickey mouse ears where the other four hit, compared with 14mm for the Mossies and 19mm for the exact!

this had me grinning like a fool untill the wind started back up and then it went to hell in a basket with a line of pellets stretching off to the left as the wind speed increased and decreased, both the Exact and the Mossies made better groups in the wind with the Mossies coming out on top!

bear in mind however I had not set the rifle up to fire them at the limit (circa 855fps) and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these pellets at max muzzle velocities, as it stands I would be reticent about using them on a comp if the wind drift is so severe, I am however changing to Mossies to give them a go!

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