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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post

But it'd mean getting rid of the classes we have now and I think the mix is about right although .22 and springer numbers are quite low, it's not fair mixing a .22 PCP and .177 boinger, let alone a tricked out race gun! If the funds would allow trophies for open A,B,C grades then it'd be an interesting addition to whats already in place, but is it really worth all the extra hassle, work and potential for cheats?

But that is the whole point, we only had 2x .22" shooters on Sunday competing for a tankard.

If grades were used then at each shoot a competitor would be given a percentage of the top score then over a few shoots this would develop into an average percentage which could be used to give that competitor a grade. Therefore the springer or .22" shooter would only be competing against shooters who average the same sort of score.
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