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Originally Posted by villiers View Post
My scope under ranges on bright targets, over ranges in the darker areas. Have not shot in temps over 20deg so as yet have no seen a shift for a change of temp, it was set up on a 14 deg over cast day.Am stuck with it as sold my leup to fund the S&B and you dont find Leup 20x50 just lying around.
Have been caught out a couple of times with the over range in the dark, so have had to learn to deal with it as its about 2 1/2 yards for a change in light so you can be dealing with a change from one target to the next of 5 yards.
Yes, that's correct. As I seen that the light conditions, expect much more. When my scope "moved" 1-1,5 meters this happened when I moved from a strong light to the shade. But it's not more than 1-1,5 meters, and I do not think that this is due to the difference in temperature. Fortunately, this is not much, is still within the margin of error.

I'm interested in what you say about the importer of Schmidt and Bender UK?
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