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I can see the sense from both sides. It'd be good to have a low grade shooter going round with a top grade shooter so they could learn by watching one of the top shots. It'd also give encouragement for those that would like to win stuff but don't have time to practice as much as they'd like, to compete to win their grade. The key thing for me would be to mix up the grades so as there are groups of top and bottom grade shooters going round together - Watching the better shooters do their thing at the nationals really helped me when I first started.

But it'd mean getting rid of the classes we have now and I think the mix is about right although .22 and springer numbers are quite low, it's not fair mixing a .22 PCP and .177 boinger, let alone a tricked out race gun! If the funds would allow trophies for open A,B,C grades then it'd be an interesting addition to whats already in place, but is it really worth all the extra hassle, work and potential for cheats?

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