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I have tryed to hold my views but stuff it i am very angery about this and i still have not got my refund from the sportsman after nearly 4 weeks,

Well my Jan 2010 model moved 7 yrds when temp hit 24 deg ,both mine and Garys did the same as he has said in other post,Its now back at **** and bendy for evaluation but to be honest they can keep it, for a 2000 scope i think its disgusting and S & B customer service and feedback is rubbish, For the guys that tested it and gave rave reviews on the net and in the mags have lost alot of respect from me, no wonder one of then no longer shoots FT. and its a shame that S & B did not listen to those that know about scopes and told them of the problems 2 years ago,I assumed with the rest that brought the scope that the production scope would have been sorted. How wrong were we...!!!!!!! Like gary said freebies can cloud judgement.

If your thinking of buying one Don' your money. or buy a march....
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