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As I live in South Africa, and we have varying heat and brightness, I have seen the following with all 3 my S&B scopes:

- Temperature change does not affect the rangefinding
- A change in sunlight/brightness definitely affects the rangefinding ability

I could go and set up the sidewheel distances with a tape measure on one day in say overcast conditions, and would mark the sidewheel from 9 to 50 meters. The next day (same time, same temperature) but in bright sunlight, the tape measure at 50 meter would read 47 or even 45 meters on the sidewheel, and vice versa.

When the sun shines very brightly, and then disappears behind the clouds, the ranges on the sidewheel (measured against a tape measure) would change, sometimes quite drastically...

This really peeves me about the S&B FT have to try and learn the thing, and compensate accordingly. But, on a 2000 quid scope, it should not be like it is. I have sent S&B various e-mails, which they are all reading, but I have not gotten a single reply...which peeves me even more.

If someone could shed any light on the S&B's "issues", I would be most grateful.


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