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It doesn't worry me either way as it's looking distinctly like my comp shooting days are all but over. However, I'm very surprised to see you even discussing it. The only benefit that I can see for grading is to spread prizes around a bit to avoid the scenario of the same old faces walking away with prizes every time, as sometimes happens in FT. There's one, otherwise hugely enjoyable, FT competition where I always come away from the prize giving feeling like I may as well have simply given my cash to the usual suspects on arrival.
As long as HFT retains the policy of raffling prizes (other than trophies) then grading would seem to be an unnecessarily complex and contentious waste of time.
To those that are pro-grading; be wary what you wish for, grading isn't the panacea that you may think it is. You may just find yourself getting weary of those that play the system just so that they can win a few bits of tin.

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