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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
I reckon so Jev, last time i used holdover was in 92 with Maggies.
There may well be a few but are they competitive or club level at FT. Could be saying FT when only do plinking, who knows its a general poll.
Since this thread is non specific the best way for SFT/HFT is dots and subsequently voting in the 110.

Other thing holdover using dots etc is slower plus you have to concentrate on which line or any where in between to use, then of course aim off for wind still concentrating. See below when winding mag up in 2nd FP.
I have shot world champs and shot numerous lanes in less than 20 secs dialling. Robs pretty quick as well.

Last point i do not know of a scope in production yet that is 50 mag most are 45 to 47, now put that target out at 55 and see how many dots fill it in 2nd focal plane. Hard/impossible to use is it not, big gaps on low mag.
Piccy earlier is not a true mildot, dot to dot on a 40mm kill is at 44 yards, thats 30M and nearly there probably 27 to 28 yards, dont get me wrong ok when plotted out.

I used The dots to aim off as shown was a few years ago but i was an A grade CSFTA shooter when I stopped
I also have a box some where of Hunter pots/sheilds (mixed with FT regional ones ) from the old CSFTA shoots (tho never a meon one )

not bothered if its true mill dot or not or if the mag is corrrect to the numbers thats irrelavent the dots match the ranges I used them for on shot and measured trajectories not Computer guestamates .
i dont use the Ret for distance estimate i use the side wheel para like most the question was for aiming not ranging

dont get me wrong i did dial for a short time but never got on with it or trusted it (using boosted leups etc)
on speed there is no way hold over is slower than dialing


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