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Took a couple of indentical scopes down the range today, but the sun wasn't as hot... they're identical all bar one thing, one is painted white, the other left black.

The scope temps only got up to 26-28 degrees in the sun, and although there was a couple of degrees, perhaps 3 at best between them at worst, the sun wasn't strong enough to really cook them... they cooled down too fast in the shaded plinking range to ascertain if they ranged differently, and i've gotten so used to the march it took me a while to get used to these again, so it was inconclusive.

Really need a scorcher to test if the white paint keeps the heat off any more than a few degrees, or if the black one really starts to heat up exponentially past the white one when it really gets cooking... certainly seems to indicate though so far that shielding a scope is better than painting it... having 3 scopes of the same spec, I can test all 3 methods when it shines hard next time.
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