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There's no real defacto point.

In 10m, where the gun isn't so upset by a scope on top, it used to be about 2cm in front of the support point... the problem for hft/ft is the scope normally dictates the balance point, and the stock furniture the support point somewhat... however the recent trend is to start adding weight to the rear...

certainly putting weight forward can calm down muzzle movement, and you have to appreciate that the 10m/3p players are working very hard on natural point of aim, which should reduce muzzle movement, at least in the vertical plane to almost nothing...

so have a play... fishing weights and a bit of tape can work for a temporary solution... a more permanent but cheap solution are care wheel weights... just bought a box for a 10'er... they stick on anything, and on metal, they can be removed cleanly and easily without marking, but resist the weather well... not sure what they would do to a painted/lacquered surface though.
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