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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
I think every scope moves with the heat more or less. I've tested some Nikkos ans S&B-s between -5 and 35 degrees in the last years and found the following differences at the rangefinding of a 50 m target on 10 C temp difference:
  • Big Nikko (old with the black turrets) - 0.4 m
  • Big Nikko (new 2008 model) - 2.6 m
  • Schmidt&Bender (prototype, early & late production models, all the same) - 4.2 m
The temp shifts are linear, predictable and repeatable - so no problem, just a bit inconvenience.

Worth to mention that the old Nikko has an independent parallax and hight/elevation adjustment while the others has the three turrets on the same place. My opinion is that the inner erector tube causes the problem, it expands with the heat and that's why the parallax wheel has to be in another position to produce the same focus.
That is really useful information/observation.

Thank you very much for posting that.

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