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Originally Posted by Lenny Warren View Post
It's funny you mention Pelican, I've been using them for years in my day job as a press photographer. I've travelled all over the world with my camera gear in Peli cases, always been fine. Including my 400mm 2.8 which is more expensive, bulky and more breakable than a rifle and scope combo.

I get a trade discount on pelican cases from the Scottish Press Photographers Association, which i am webmaster of. I managed to get them to extend my discount to and if any of you join up (FREE) you can get our discount, no probs. I got a 1720 recently and it was about 175 incl free courier to my door!
I looked at the 1720 but it didn't look quite big enough, the Storm shaded it from that point of view. I am a member of the Scotish forum but don't post on there, I didn't see where the offer was advertised though.

The bottom line is Jon, if you want to shoot in far away places you really have to fly. If they are busting open guncases for the hell of it & damageing them willy-nilly then having a perfectly working scope in my hand luggage won't be much use to me at the other end.
I talked about this to the SA mob & they said leave it mounted & get a really good case. I would have liked to get the Russians view on this as they are the other Globetrotters of the FT world but I missed my opportunity at the Euros.
Interesting to hear about the guy who's scope was damaged going up to Scotland, with the suspicion that it was tipped out of it's case while inspecting. Maybe a couple of retaining brackets pushed into the foam might limit the possibility for this happening?
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