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I've got three Menace 10x42 scopes. Got two off them off ebay (one new, one used) so worth keeping an eye out on there.

As others have said, they're not making them any more for some reason.

The older models have a distance scale on the side parallax adjuster and single central allen bolts to hold the adjusters in place. The newer ones have no numbers on the parallax and the adjusters are held in place by three tiny allen bolts hidden away on the sides. Not sure if there's any real differences other than those cosmetic changes though.


HW100TK (.22) with Falcon Menace 10x42 IR
HW97 (blue laminate) with MTC Mamba Lite 3-12x44
Steyr LG110 Hunter with Falcon Menace 10x42
Daystate Huntsman Buckmaster with MTC Mamba Lite 3-12x44
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