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Aah, comeing together, thanks.
The situation is I'm more used to 22 but now got a S400 177 intending to have a go at targets.
I've been plinking without worrying about group size, sometimes it's cloverleaf sometimes where's the pellet gone, partly pilot error I'll admit as I'm just shooting for fun at the moment.
The first scope was a 30/30 ret & close focus was 20yds.
I've now changed to a mildot scope but the close focus is still 20yds.
Funds are non existant untill I manage to get another job.
I do have a selection of pellets as while I had some money left from redundancy I bought a small stock of them.
I'm assumeing when funds allow I'll be limited to the pellet choice I have now.
Upto now garden plinking with a fuzzy scope is not the way to go to get ready for a trip out.
At the moment I've no idea what the traj' is like for another starter into a brick wall as a beginer..
Harriers, Woodlands & Kinver are all local to me
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