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Originally Posted by GUNVIDDER View Post
I thought pilot error & a breeze, as for wind I'd be totaly out of my depth, just plinking in a fenced garden ruins thoughts of common sense obvious answers plus practice in such conditions.
Ignoring fliers is there something else I might of overlooked ?
What actually prompted asking this was to let me know, just how critical I need to be.
No doubt the barn door shooters do get pleasure from just being out shooting regardless of scores achieved & I don't want to worry to much myself, likewise I don't want to turn up then be dissapointed or be paraniod that I can't go untill everything is perfect.
Wind factor that has a major role in pellet trajectory so you need to have the best pellet for your barrel/gun and also a 25mm is not acceptable in a 40mm target because if you donít range find correctly you may not hit the target.

I donít believe in flyers for me they are a shooter excuse!
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