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Originally Posted by raisedbybrocks View Post
I think these are positive changes. Its hard with the growing numbers and HFT being such an inclusive sport, would be a shame to bring in a low cap on Numbers a shoot can accept. I would not personally mind at all, a fully timed shoot where each group has a stop watch. In sporting FT it doesn't take me more than a minute to shoot/or miss two targets. This is timed from when you first look though the scope at the target. If numbers continue to grow, increasing the amount of targets and having smaller groups might be the only way to go. I would personally love to see 50 shot nationals, all be it at the expense of timing each other for every lane and earlier start times.

It's not shooting time that is causing the problem, it's the faffing about in between like finding targets & discussing shots, none of this would be improved by using the FT timing system

Can you imagine how long it would take to shoot 50 targets with 1 per lane ???

If you increase it to 2 per lane you will have even bigger groups & people will spend extra time trying to find two targets.

We'll try to speed things up & may even have to consider compulsory timing but we aren't planning on changing the current 30 pegs with 1 target per peg
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