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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Giving my feet a rest after 6 days of course setting and shooting I thought I'd just look through the Course Format sheet for the Rivi HFT shoot.

The course consisted of:
2 x 15mm to 19mm reducers.
6 x 20mm to 34mm reducers.
22 x 35mm to 45mm full kills.

6 targets out to 40to 45 yds.
4 targets out to 35 to 39 yds.
4 targets out to 30 to 34 yds.
7 targets out to 25 to 29 yds.
6 targets out to 20 to 24 yds.
2 targets out to 15 to 19 yds.
1 target out to 8 to 14 yds.

The average target distance was 30.03 yds. The course was 306 yards long, and the hill was bloody steep.

Yes I know but my feet are feeling much better now

Ray, interesting info...a little geeky...but still interesting
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