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Default What size target ?/

Targets ??????
You can buy them in the shops, I have several.
You can print free downloads, I have several.
Talking std round ones not fancy shapes.
All sorts of different sizes ?
Ok I know the basics but after plinking in the garden I plan to stretch the range a bit.
What size circle is the std hit zone size ???
I don't FT or HFT & havn't been club shooting otherise this wouldn't be asked.
I'm trying a few different pellets to find the best one.
Now to make it worse lazy plinking sees me not hole on hole & I need to practice to tighten up my groups.
What size should I accept as max group size as a starter ?
BTW I can hole on hole but you know how it is, plinking is not taken seriouly enough & some good pellets might slip through my checks If I'm not concentrating or rushing.
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