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Originally Posted by Feral View Post
Evidence seems to suggest you are indeed holding us at bay oh Spongey one but I think it's all part of Simmo's plan to lull you into a false sense of security!

Sunday was bloomin' hard though, two donuts in a row on the first two in the field and I was ready to call it a day. The web was a lottery and on the 35 yard kneeler I saw a wind pixie mount the pellet a few yards from the target and ride it off to the left and into the bank (compounded by the fact that Daniel walked up, knelt down and without hardly looking dropped it), that and the the gravitational fields in the woods making strange things happens to pellet trajectories.

There's this one Rob but it's not been updated by the powers that be.
(That is our latest badge not our Logo, i have sent Rob our Logo....Thanks cliff X)

By the way, i had no hope of knocking over that web standing, elevated and in the wind at 35yds'ish....but it did fall over out of sympathy!!

Missed the bleedin kneeler though....very annoying!
As was most of the course....very clever (or lucky..) target placement...Orrible Bloke that Simmmmy!
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